Virtualization has been a significant core aspect to the rapid server roll-out by CANDIS, allowing us to perform at a higher level in a more competitive business environment. While the cost savings on hardware, operational savings on co-location and power are well advertised and talked about, the key value proposition for CANDIS is the management framework that it provides to our organization.

But, CANDIS also utilizes Virtualization when solving server deployment issues for clients, with a typical scenario involving application deployment and management. In a traditional "bare metal" approach to deployment, an organization is mandated to maximize the return on its investments. Enterprise IT hardware is very, very expensive and when IT managers are forced to deploy two or more applications on the same hardware they risk those very same applications. This happens due to often unknown side effects of two or more applications co-existing, from resource allocation and control, to contention over software versioning dependencies and maintenance cycles. As the complexity of a single server is increased with more applications, so does the management overhead. This approach also has an inverse effect of the flexibility of the organization in how to choose to deploy new applications, with decisions based on compatibility at a system level or operating system level versus capacity or risk management.

By using Virtualization, CANDIS has been able to deploy multiple servers, now often referred to as "Application Containers" that allow the operating and system environment of each container to be perfectly matched to the application that runs inside it. This decoupling of applications allows for extreme flexibility in how these applications are staged, tested, deployed and maintained. Freeing IT managers to focus on the risk management of the application and maximizing the utility of that application for the intended business process and not design or deploy applications like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces never quite fit right.