What is it worth to your company to avoid downtime? By hiring CANDIS and choosing our Thin Client solution, downtime is eliminated, and you no longer have to suffer from downtime inefficiency.

Use the calculator below to get an impression of how IT failures directly affect your bottom line.

Thin Client Network Management

The Thin Client Network topologies deployed by CANDIS is in essence a merger of traditional IT System Maintenance and a range of Hosting Services that allow clients to combine all the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS), Virtualization and Cloud Computing in one solution.

Through the use of Thin Clients that replace desktop and laptop computers with "dumb" user terminals, CANDIS is able to pool computing resources and provide all users with an expandable and stable computing platform.

Taking advantage of the much increased effectiveness in the management and administration as compared to a traditional network, clients sign up for services on a per seat basis and pay a flat rate per workstation. Furthermore, clients are guaranteed a working operating environment where CANDIS benefits from it being operational, as we offer Up-Time Guarantees provided by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Management interaction by CANDIS, and thereby costs to the clients, is reduced because all systems remain within the security and design standards and are thus further protected from operational interruptions due to user error, hardware failure or virus attack. A further benefit for client management is how easily and completely they can quantify the operational costs of their organization as it grows, greatly reducing IT budget insecurities.

Clients have two options when it comes to the deployment of the Thin Client Network, either hosting the servers in one of CANDIS' high-end IDCs or building a secure server environment on-site. What solution is chosen depends on several factors unique to each deployment, but the end result is the same: A stable IT system that comes with CANDIS' comprehensive SLA guarantee.

As part of the deployment, all user and network peripheral hardware is installed and configured at client premises as needed, together with the guarantee that any licensed office productivity software installed will run flawlessly on the CANDIS built server environment.