System Design / Architecture

The integrated interaction between various software, hardware, network and employee components is becoming increasingly important but is still often underestimated and neglected.

CANDIS' ultimate goal is to enable our clients to manage investments in a way that meets business needs through innovative System Design / Architecture solutions.

From a business point of view, an IT system has to meet more than the functional requirements to be successful. To benefit an organization, the IT system needs to fulfill three non-functional, universal requirements as well. It has to be:
  • Cost efficient during normal operations
  • Reliable in its operational performance
  • Long-lasting, as it should be designed to be used for an extended period of time
For each new system, CANDIS develops an overall system architecture and operational processes to meet these requirements, rounding off our services with implementation oversight.

CANDIS can also analyze existing systems and environments to find hidden problems and to propose improvements to meet these requirements.

As technological agnostics, CANDIS will approach your system without preconceptions and analyze your business systems to ensure each element works in sync with all the others. This allows you to operate in such a way that technology neither drives nor constrains you. Technology becomes a tool - nothing more, nothing less - allowing you to get things done with maximum efficiency.