Services & Solutions

Since inception, we have been building our own footprint in China, allowing clients to experience the same level of professional workmanship as they have grown accustomed to in other markets, performing a range of on-the-ground services to multinational clients in a wide range of world languages.

CANDIS is striving to establish a significant global presence in the IT industry, specializing in a niche that for now has proven difficult to overcome, even for the largest international Internet gateways. CANDIS’ strategy is to establish full service nodes; an IP backbone, in advantageous locations around the world, and through global load balancing allow all users; irrespective of geographical location, the same fast access to their service offerings in the Chinese market.

CANDIS’ value proposition is to enable our clients to access the growing Chinese online community and the market that has emerged over the past few years, and from within China, CANDIS' global IP backbone allows users who need to connect to their servers overseas a fast and secure connection, thereby allowing access to corporate services through efficient and affordable solutions.

We have divided our service offerings into four targeted segments, uniquely contributing and defining CANDIS’ specialized approach as the IT gateway with China, serving a multitude of clients from around the world, these are: