Professional Services

As a manager, you need to control the risks of IT while maximizing the return on your company's investments. With CANDIS' Professional Services to guide you, you will discover new ways to accomplish those goals, making technology easier, smarter, and more productive.

All of CANDIS’ management level and above personnel have at some time worked as business consultants in both IT and other industries, gaining the necessary experience to perform tasks in an environment more challenging than most. Recognizing the experience in the consulting field of the CANDIS employee; combined with distinctive skill-sets in the combination of China centric business problems with IT solutions, a unique opportunity opened up for us to further differentiate ourselves from others.

CANDIS’ Professional Services are, as a matter of fact, a collaborative effort undertaken by all our employees. Driven forward by the diversified experiences of our employees, allowing us to develop a unique set of tools and services that have prompted us to position ourselves at a favorable vantage point in terms of offering solid IT business advice to companies wanting to reach the Chinese market.

The Professional Services offered are designed to cover all aspects of our clients' needs in terms of practical IT guidance based on the unique challenges China offers. We also take pride in helping clients to build their IT infrastructure so that it can be utilized to gain not only a competitive advantage in their business segment, but create revenue streams from their IT investments.

All our Professional Services are part of a specific process, taking the form of the System Development Life Cycle, to ensure that service levels are upheld throughout service delivery:
  • Pre-Analysis – Ensure fact-finding is efficient and relevant to your core business issues.
  • Analysis – Produce a complete picture of your enterprise.
  • Design – Use the information gained through analysis to create a systems information design.
  • Implementation – Turn that design into a fully fledged solution.
  • Maintenance – Keep the system running as designed.