Outsourced CTO/CIO

Many companies find themselves in a difficult position, a sort of IT limbo; their IT needs have outgrown the technical abilities of their "default technical manager", but they are not yet big enough to hire a full-time CTO/CIO.

Everyone agree that a modern day company runs on its IT, yet if there is nobody guiding the IT strategy or making decisions based on a 1, 2, or even 5 year plan, are you getting the best out of your IT spending? Are you buying a computer as a quick fix every time an immediate (perceived) need present itself, or are you building a long-lasting infrastructure to go along with a sound IT strategy?

You do not run any part of your business without a strategic plan, and your IT is no difference. Your IT system/department should be run the same way: with a leader and a plan, and follow them both. Without this, IT becomes costly and unmanageable, and likely to be the root cause of internal employee frustrations as efficiency drops.

CANDIS provides the most comprehensive fixed cost Outsourced CTO/CIO Service available in China. The service provides client organizations with all the functionality and resources of a full time CTO/CIO for a fixed fee that is a fraction of the salary of an equivalent expert. With an Outsourced CTO/CIO any organization can benefit from the advantage of having a dedicated highly knowledgeable technology expert without the usual cost and staffing overhead.

Our seasoned professionals are there to assist you with those tasks that you might find the most daunting as a non-technical manager, including IT budgeting, technical presentations, system expansion, information systems analysis, needs assessments, and last; but not least, cost savings.