Management Services

Running a website or Internet application on a dedicated server requires you or your IT staff to perform daily server administration tasks. Your server needs to be secured to prevent it from being compromised, and scheduled backups are recommended to ensure that your data is available in the unlikely event that a hard drive is corrupted.

CANDIS offers a wide range of Management Services that allow clients to off-load many of these server administration tasks to a CANDIS engineer. By signing up for our Management Services, clients can focus on their core business and not the day-to-day tasks of keeping a server healthy, secure and running at peak performance.

As a a leading provider of Managed Services for enterprise-level clients with complex server requirements and SMEs with an eye on China, CANDIS is uniquely positioned. By offering a range of Management Services to our clients looking to take advantage of the flexibility and high performance offered by CANDIS' Hosting Services, their servers will never again draw their attention away from their core business.

Whether clients require custom-built dedicated servers, multi-server load balancing configurations, or Virtual Private Servers, CANDIS' hosting experts are ready to develop customized management solutions to meet specific needs.

CANDIS' Management Services offer:
  • Completely customizable hardware/VPS configurations
  • 99.99% Server Up-Time Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Tier-2 technical support
  • 24/7 On-site security
  • 24/7 Access to your hardware, accompanied by a CANDIS engineer