Last Mile Access

CANDIS provides Last Mile Access to client offices on a regular basis, and the choice of access method largely depends on the location and the specified needs.

High-quality access lines are essential for using the Internet and sending e-mails, and it gives you the ability to set up a range of other technologies as well. Your office building may already provide LAN access to the Internet, but in China service quality varies sharply from one location to another, and access is often slow and insecure. Some buildings do of course have properly installed LAN systems with capacity adequate for regular business users, but businesses requiring large amounts of dedicated bandwidth may need a Last Mile Access upgrade. If your company fits this description, CANDIS will be able to help you pull in extra lines and augment the service already supplied by your building.

CANDIS can also provide Residential Broadband Internet in special cases when senior executives demand the same level of access to corporate services as in the office. In such cases, CANDIS will work with the property management to provide Community Distribution Access.