Poor IT infrastructure will inevitably lead to downtime, and downtime brings with it inefficiency costs not often considered when deciding on how to build your IT infrastructure.

Use the calculator below to get an understanding of what downtime cost your business in terms of employee inefficiency resulting from failure.

Infrastructure Services

High-end infrastructure implementation is the “original” business service scope of CANDIS. It encompasses all aspects of connectivity, from cabling work in offices to global carrier lines for simple data communication to more specialized services like VoIP and VPN, etc. utilizing our global IT backbone for fast access irrespective of geographical location.

For companies wanting to do business in China, with their own operations on the ground, the biggest challenge in terms of IT is faulty infrastructure, resulting in poor electronic communications with their offices in other locations around the world. Bandwidth is limited and tightly controlled. Additionally the quality of the work when building the Last Mile Access and the internal office network is most of the time less than adequate. This leads to frequent network failures, efficiency loss and communication breakdowns.

CANDIS’ approach is unique in China. By offering European level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on everything we do, we guarantee our work to a level that is currently unrivaled in the Chinese market. CANDIS has therefore also been able to develop an additional revenue stream under this segment. As quality assurance professionals, CANDIS is hired to ensure the quality of existing networks or to act as third party quality assurance on behalf of our clients .

Many see IT as simply a cost until it breaks down, then it becomes an opportunity cost issue as well as a cost from decreasing efficiency. The calculations are straight forward however, and it is easy to illustrate the cost of faulty infrastructure. CANDIS uses the Patterson Downtime Formula to highlight the costs of IT infrastructure downtime, and has been very successful in providing clients with cost analysis scenarios, getting them to spend a little more on IT up front, thereby creating savings in the long-term as opportunity costs decreases.