By hosting with CANDIS you are guaranteed through our compre-
hensive Service Level Agreement to always have access to your data, thereby eliminating downtime.

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Hosting Services

CANDIS’ Hosting Services provide the core of CANDIS' global IP backbone and is an indispensable part of our service offerings. Many of the other services rely heavily on the Hosting Services to enable service delivery, and we therefore continually put a great amount of resources; both in terms of human and financial capital, into its continued reliable operation and expansive growth.

Guarding our IP ranges religiously is essential for CANDIS to enable delivery of our wide range of Hosting Services. CANDIS is in direct control of a number of IP address, and we ensure that these IP address are registered with the proper monitoring services to ensure that we always are able to deliver our Hosting Services.

Many of CANDIS' Hosting Services also provide our clients with the option of enjoying the benefit of having multiple IPs only associated with their system deployment. CANDIS has several unique class C allocations from ARIN and upon request can provide diverse address space to our clients to accommodate specific needs.

CANDIS’ hosting environment is of the highest standard, either through CANDIS’ own IDC facilities or through rented locations. When rented, CANDIS only works with the top tier providers, ensuring stable infrastructure across the globe. CANDIS’ Hosted Services are also spread over a multiple of decentralized servers, mirroring content from each other and using Load Balance Technologies to ensure stability and 100% connectivity from anywhere in the world. Therefore, should a primary node fail from; for example, a power failure, the secondary nodes will immediately take over so user experiences are not affected.

This decentralized server infrastructure; bound together by our IP backbone, is what enables CANDIS to be the IT Gateway with China© for our worldwide client base. All servers communicate on a highly secure VPN network, with plenty of bandwidth to go around, allowing each user, regardless of geographical location to have the same experience of CANDIS’ Hosted Services. It also allows access to your headquarters' servers, which in other cases may not be accessible for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the reason is, if a server sits on an IP range that is deemed inappropriate by the Chinese government the server is blocked by Chinese ISPs, regardless of content. By utilizing CANDIS' Hosting Services, this challenge is removed as we already are using Chinese IP addresses registered in CANDIS’ name, and further, due to the redundancies built into CANDIS’ systems, we are able to publish our Hosted Services seamlessly around the world. The gateway solutions uniquely provided by CANDIS further acts to remedy this challenge, giving our clients unhindered access to their IT system regardless of geographical location. By logging into a VPN service from CANDIS, worldwide clients can use CANDIS’ network as a door into China, accessing servers in China as if they were physically using a computer inside China themselves.