The CANDIS Group Limited was established in 2005 as a coming together of IT professionals with long experience from China in various roles, creating a distinctive market approach in a unique niche of an untapped market. We as founders have had our feet on the ground in China through China’s rapid socio-economic expansion over the past two decades. By the end of the last millennium we were starting different entrepreneurial businesses in China, bringing (amongst others) Last Mile Access solutions to a market that did not have anything but dial-up connections and providing bilingual IT outsourcing services to a wanting Foreign Invested Business community.

Through our individual entries into the market, we eventually met, and over time realized that uniting our different strengths and skill-sets would make us stronger.

Recognizing the need for small and medium sized companies to have an IT gateway with China; an online portal accessible to Chinese business partners and clients alike, the idea behind CANDIS was conceived. So, by inspired timing and pooling of resources generated by the exit from our respective businesses, the CANDIS Group Limited was formed in Hong Kong on the back of sound business experiences from across China.

With the Chinese online community just starting to emerge, CANDIS found itself in a unique position in early 2006, and within the first half of the year, CANDIS had established a bridgehead in Beijing through a wholly owned subsidiary, which has since grown to a nationwide network.

CANDIS’ initial focus was on the establishment and rapid expansion of the Chinese operations, hiring high level local employees and bringing them up to an international standard. By the end of 2006, CANDIS was becoming fully staffed and the growth of the national infrastructure could begin.

Since the very beginning CANDIS has had a strong focus on building an infrastructure that would remain unrivaled in China for the foreseeable future, and since early on in 2007, CANDIS has poured over US$ 1,000,000 into building a high-end, western hosting environment, linking data centers in Hong Kong and China together through highly secure and redundant networks.