Your Carbon Footprint could be significantly reduced by utilizing CANDIS' environmental friendly approaches in your IT strategy.

Green Technology

Because CANDIS is as concerned about climate change as our clients, we have a strong focus on providing environmentally friendly IT solutions to the end user, as well as building our own infrastructure as environmentally friendly as possible.

The technologies we deploy is perfectly geared to reduce the impact that IT has on the environment, and save our clients money at the same time, facilitating either a reduction, or even avoidance, of the high costs of wasted energy.

We know that traditional IT deployment heavily impacts the environment, from its production, throughout the product life cycle and eventual obsolescence, culminating in waste. By rethinking the IT strategy and implementing technological changes, CANDIS helps clients to significantly reduce their environmental impact and save them money at the same time.

By switching to CANDIS as your IT provider, you can potentially reduce:
  • The CO2 emissions by at least 50%
  • The energy usage by at least 50%
  • Have an environmental impact you can be proud of
Many further steps can also be taken in your company to reduce your carbon footprint, and although CANDIS' role stops at the IT level, by showing your employees that you are thinking of the environment, you might start to see behavioral changes in your employees as well.

By changing their attitude towards the environment, your company's savings can be multiplied further, cementing your company's green IT profile by reduced energy consumption as a result of employee behavior.