Global Load Balancing

Global Load Balancing is a technical methodology that CANDIS has deployed throughout our system due to a number of challenges. The main one being the international bandwidth available for commercial entities making traffic between client and server difficult depending on whether or not they are inside or outside of China, or in a combination of the two. However, the international traffic in and out of China is only one part of the challenge, as there also exists a connectivity division between north and south China, along with the general lack of open peering between Chinese ISPs.

Global Load Balancing has been used by CANDIS since our inception as a key technology deployed by us to eliminate these technical obstructions to our clients and allow traffic to automatically be routed to the closest POP (point of presence) to gain access to the CANDIS hosting solutions. Now, with the advent of Cloud Computing and the creation of China and Global Storage and utility computing "Fabrics", Global Load Balancing is taking on the additional role of helping to utilize these private, though distributed systems. Global Load Balancing also plays a direct and key role in the operation of some core availability and redundancy services for some clients' internal critical business infrastructure.

Additional benefits mean being able to place servers and operations in various locations to take advantage of lower power costs, greener power sources and also better corporate social responsibility by assisting developing technology centers. With our GLB system, if you wish to power some or all of your systems from servers that draw from greener and cleaner power sources, then a few clicks will allow that in a seamless fashion.