Cloud Computing

CANDIS was the first company to deploy and utilize Cloud Computing in China, and remains to this day the only company to utilize its own infrastructure as a foundation for the Cloud Computing service offering.

Cloud Computing is a recent name adopted or added to the menagerie of names that describe server based computing - as opposed to client side or client/server computing. Since inception, CANDIS has as a basis for our service offering utilized 'Cloud Computing' regardless of the definitional name changes. We have been providers of Software as a Service (SaaS) where clients rent and use applications that are maintained and housed within our infrastructure. We have also provided Utility Computing Services where clients use our infrastructure to provide services for their own IT environments - such as off-site storage through VPN's and iSCSI or additional processing power for peak demand periods.

The notion of Cloud Computing is that the client is not involved nor bothered by the management and ownership of physical infrastructure within their own enterprises. Cloud Computing, as it is heading now, will further combine and merge the existing styles into one ever more cohesive offering where the providers themselves become more integrated and the location of the resources becomes ever more diversified, spread out and replicated so that they are less and less tangible - hence the phrase "In the Cloud".

One of the key enablers of Cloud Computing, which is very akin the Mainframe era of the early 80's, is the explosion of high speed networking and applications that are heavily based on that networking and information sharing. With our ability to help clients move to a Cloud based setup, we have removed the complications that manifest from trying to link and exchange data through a large geographical area or organization. Collating all the data together and only needing to provide access links, greatly reduces the complexity of systems and the associated costs that go with designing, deploying, debugging and maintaining. All problems that are greatly complicated by changing business environments and business needs. Clients can now deploy and use their IT systems with the same simplicity as using power socket or water faucet, with the same on demand usage and pay as you go financing.

By using only the power and resources that you need, when you need, you avoid costly consumption of resources and electricity that goes hand in hand with idle capacity.