What is it worth to your company to avoid downtime? By hiring CANDIS to maintain your IT systems, many of the failures often seen in an office environment can be eliminated.

Use the calculator below to get an impression of how inefficiencies as a result of failures in your IT system will affect your bottom line.

Maintenance Services

Few things are as vital to continued business operations as managing the IT system supporting it. Once you've selected and configured the system components, installed the hardware, and trained your staff to use the system, that is when the real work begins: managing, maintaining, and upgrading the system so it efficiently support your business operations.

CANDIS' Maintenance Services provide the engineering core of CANDIS' services. Offering a wide range of on-site and remote solutions, CANDIS’ engineers have solid professional experience and are highly knowledgeable on all three of the main business platforms: Microsoft, Linux and Mac.

Our engineers come from a wide range of backgrounds, both professional and educational, allowing CANDIS to draw on a vast pool of cultural understanding when handling clients from across the world. CANDIS’ personnel speaks 10 languages fluently between them, from the essential (English and Chinese) to the more esoteric (Norwegian and Dutch), allowing CANDIS’ personnel to communicate with clients in their mother tongue. Troubleshooting IT problems with a client is not always an easy task, but CANDIS’ ability to provide support in a client’s own language makes CANDIS’ a unique IT service provider in China.

The Maintenance Services Department is also CANDIS’ training ground, from there, engineers are selected to become more deeply involved in CANDIS’ Hosting and Professional Services Departments based on selection criterion specifically designed to differentiate the engineers on performance and attitude, allowing CANDIS’ management to identify and bring forward talented people who CANDIS will continue to invest time and resources in.