About Us

CANDIS Group Limited (“CANDIS”) is an IT solutions company with its principal place of business in the People’s Republic of China. CANDIS has a growing global IP backbone and IDC footprint around the world, building a web of interconnected servers that act as a primary IT gateway to China from abroad.

From within China, the same global IP backbone allows users that need to connect to their servers overseas a fast and secure connection, allowing access to corporate services through efficient and affordable solutions, making CANDIS the complete IT gateway with China.

Our business model is unique in its focus on local on-the-ground presence, avoiding the trap of a distance approach to China, allowing CANDIS’ executive management to keep its hand on the pulse in what is today unquestionably the worlds’ fastest growing and dynamically evolving market.

CANDIS has its business model founded on the following premises, which we believe to be the key drivers to success:

  • Strong local presence, with directors keeping in touch with market realities
  • Optimal capital investment in a decentralized, yet fully integrated, global load-balanced network
  • Strategic global agreements with key suppliers and partners around the world, which allows CANDIS to take advantage of several interlinked systems and solutions
  • Growing the international sales force, focused on providing innovative market approaches to potential clients that see China as a golden opportunity but are fearful of the challenges it poses